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Autoresponder Services

Our AltMailer 2.0 Platform To Send Your Emails With. Beautiful, Intuitive SaaS Platform.

Dedicated Email Servers

This Is Ideal For High Volume Senders Needing The Firepower Of A Dedicated Server With Higher Capacities And Dedicated IPs

IP/Domain Warm-Up Service

All New IPs And Domains Need A Proper Warm-Up. This Services Will Get You Off To A Great Start By Gradually Increasing Email Volume Daily And Providing You With Positive Engagement And Engagement Is The Key Metric For Good Email Delivery.

Aged .COM Domains

It Is Recommended To Use An Aged .Com Domain That's At Least 2 Years Old For Your SMTP Sending Domain To Get Better Email Delivery. Others Will Work Too, Just Not As Well. 

SMTP Relay Services

This Is Ideal For Those Using A Different Front End Product Such As Sendiio, MyMailIt, A WordPress Plugin Or Similar Services Without A Front End Interface Included.

Think Of The SMTP Relay Like The Engine Of A Car. This Is What Actually Sends The Emails.

What Makes SMTP Depot Different From The Other Email Marketing Services?

With SMTP Depot you get dedicated IP(s). 
Why is that important?
When you have your own dedicated IP(s) it isolates you from other email senders.
If someone on our servers isn't using email best practices, their behavior doesn't impact YOUR email delivery.
Other services charge you extra for dedicated IP(s).
At SMTP Depot it costs us a little more up front, but because we don't have to monitor your sending behavior, that saves us money in the long term and we pass those savings onto YOU.

Most Email Marketing Platforms Want to Control Customers

  • They want to know their customer's business mod​el
  • They grill their customers about how they built their email lists
  • They limit customer accounts before allowing them to send to their entire list
  • If engagement stats aren't what they think they should be customer accounts get closed
  • They won't allow or will limit importing lists of contacts
  • They shut down or limit accounts without warning and no explanation
  • Many don't allow CPA, MMO, IM, MLM, Gambling, Adult, Political, Affiliate promotions, etc.
  • They won't allow cold email marketing

Here at SMTP Depot We're All About Email Marketing Freedom

  • Import unlimited email subscribers
  • We don't play big brother
  • We allow customers to email contacts in any legal niche
  • We allow cold email marketing