Why Building an Email List is Important

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for small businesses.

According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing on average sees a 4300 percent return on investment (ROI) for businesses in the USA.

Email marketing is easy to manage, gives you full control, and allows you to establish a direct contact with your customers.

Email subscribers are more likely to convert into paying customers.

In our business, email gets 10 times higher conversions than social media campaigns.

This makes sense if you think about the reasons that make email an incredibly powerful communication channel:

1. Email is Personal

Email allows you to land into a user’s inbox. There is no ranking system limiting your reach. It is very direct and personal.

2. Email is Purposeful

To get updates from you, a user fills out a form to sign up for your email list and confirms their email address. Someone doing this much work is obviously interested in hearing from you, and they are much more receptive to your message.

3. Email is Targeted

As we mentioned earlier, the user has already shown interest in your product or content. Since you already know what they like, you can deliver to them highly relevant offers to get better results. This is called segmentation.

4. You Own Your Email List

You do not own Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Your social media campaigns and SEO efforts can go to hell when these platforms change their policies. On the other hand, you own your email list, and it is not influenced by decisions of other businesses.

5. Email is One-on-One

People read email in the privacy of their inbox. The message is not on a public timeline or newsfeed. They can ask you questions directly in private with confidence. This helps build trust and connection.

6. People Use Email Several Times a Day

You may have heard that Facebook has 1.4 billion and Twitter has 100 million daily active users. What you may not have heard, is the number of people using Email every day.

Every Internet user has at least one email account. A recent research conducted by Radicati found that there are 3.8 billion active email accounts. That’s half the population of Earth!

This is precisely why every smart business in the world should have an email list.

Big name brands learned this lesson a long time ago, and that’s why they spend thousands of dollars on social media campaigns to get people to sign up for their email lists.

They understand that email marketing is the best long-term investment with a much higher return because people will continue to get their message at a very low cost for a longer period.

Social Media vs. Email Marketing

Now you’re probably thinking, wait a minute. What about social media?

In fact, we've been asked several times, isn’t email marketing kind of dead now, with social media taking over?

The best way to answer this question is to look at the information Twitter and Facebook ask you before you create an account:

Facebook Signup - Email Marketing Services
Twitter Sign Up

Yup, it’s an email address.

These companies know that emails are the most direct and reliable way of getting in touch with their customers.

Even if you sign up using your phone number, they will keep asking for your email address to help you find friends, for password recovery options, and most importantly to send you targeted email messages.

Here is a view of the social tab in a typical Gmail user’s inbox

All these emails are from big social media platforms, so they can engage you with the content on their platform and get you to visit their app or website again.

Gmail Social Tab - Email Marketing Services

All social media platforms are building an email list because they are smart business owners. This helps their valuation when selling their business.

While social media is a great way to reach your audience, it’s important to keep in perspective the timely nature of social media platforms.

They come and go.

Not too long ago we had MySpace, FriendFeed, Google Buzz, Plurk and countless others. Most of them are either dead now or irrelevant.

Today we have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that are the dominant social media platforms, but not everyone enjoys these platforms. Some people prefer  Pinterest, WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Telegram, etc.

Basically, your users are all over the place on different platforms. But studies show that at least 91% of consumers check their email daily.

We’re not saying that social media isn’t important. It is, and you should explore every opportunity to reach your audience.

However, you should spend more time and effort on something that guarantees better results like email marketing.

What Experts are Saying About Building an Email List?

Don’t just take our word for it, listen to what top marketing experts are saying about email marketing:

Neil Patel

"Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them."

– Neil Patel – Crazy Egg and QuickSprout

Joe Pulizzi

"Getting an email address is the first critical step to figuring out who my reader is, and hopefully in the future, my customer of some sort."

– Joe Pulizzi – Founder Content Marketing Institute

Derek Halpern

"If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake."

– Derek Halpern – Founder Social Triggers

Many expert marketers say their biggest mistake was not building an email list when they first started out.

With all the reasons above, we hope that you’re convinced that building an email list is important for ALL businesses.

What You Need to Start Building an Email List

By now, you know why building an email list is so important, and why ignoring it can be a HUGE mistake.

So, let’s take a look at what you need to start building your email list.

3 Things You Need to Build an Email List:


A website or blog


An email marketing service.


High-converting opt-in forms

All three of these are easy to set up, and none of them require programming or design skills.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, what kind of website you have, or what industry you are in.

If you have a website, and you want to turn your visitors into returning customers, then you need to get them on your email list.

But Here's The Biggest Problem... 

Getting TRAFFIC to Your Lead Pages

Let Us Build Your List For You!

To keep it super simple and cut through ALL the standard BS 

typically associated with building a list

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Have you ever heard or read that a prospect needs to be exposed to an advertiser's message up to 7 times before they'll take action to buy whatever it is that's being advertised? 

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